Manifesting has a different meaning for each of us. Essentially it is the power we
possess to create our destiny and exercise free will. Every individual is like an atom, the
energy fueled by its nucleus generates the power to create what we seek. Contained
within us is the amazing resource to determine our life path. Divine Source is munificent
and loving, gifting us with what we desire. Ask and you shall receive: God is the source,
we are blessed to be the channel.

The old adage, "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it" is very
true. Remember, it does work on all requests: these are measured by our words,
thoughts, and deeds. If you think in terms of lack and disharmony that is what you will
be granted. Manifesting is like planting a garden--the seeds you sow will grow to
maturity and your harvest produce what you placed in the ground.

Manifesting is connecting to our God within and translating our heart's desire to a
vision and then an affirmation. Speaking and thinking phrases such as. "I can't afford
that" will generate a climate in which you will fulfill the prophecy and not have the
abundance to purchase it. For example, change it to, "I always have plenty of money for
everything I need and want" or "At this time, I choose not to purchase this item". You
are in control and prioritizing your decisions based on abundance not lack.

Manifesting is simple conceptually, it is the execution that we can struggle with at
times. Monitoring self-talk is essential and writing and verbalizing affirmations is
critical. The process is always successful when we:

Are very specific in our request
Use present tense or completion phrases
Write our heart's desire and affirm it frequently
Understand how it will change our life
Have faith in the outcome
Let Go, Let God
Incorporate daily prayer and meditation
Express our gratitude

Visualize the outcome as completed, not in process. We are getting ready to build a new home and in our hallway (where we see it every day) is a framed drawing of our planned
house emblazoned with the words, "Co-created with Divine Source" and "Paid in full
by the end of 2012". We have faith in God to manifest our desire, affirming constantly
that as we build it all the money needed is there. Instead of asking for the financing to
build our dream home we envision it completed and paid for within a specific time
frame. That subtle difference is the power of manifestation!

Listen to your heart, write your request, speak it often, believe it is granted, and give
thanks. Create magic and conquer your universe as you are the master of your destiny.
Go in the light and loving protection of God. Bless you.

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