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Walking the Bridge of Forgiveness
Spiritual Alchemy Workshop

Alchemy is the mystical art for human spiritual transformation into a higher form of
consciousness. It enables us to regenerate, transmute, and transform our earthly essence
into our divine self. Just as an acorn can become a might oak, we Truth Students can
manifest the miraculous power of evolving from ignorance to enlightenment.

Please join us to experience a Mystical Reunion of the Sacred Feminine, Divine
Masculine, Joyful Child, Enlightened Mind, and God Self integrated through this
personal, transformational journey, Facilitated by Drinda Pennini.

Share in a profound process of visualizations and meditations, taking you to a higher
level of spiritual connection to all aspects of self. Align the body, mind, emotions and
essence in Alchemical Spirituality at your secret Temple of the Soul.
Manifesting Unconditional Forgiveness Workshops

Do you want to forgive someone and just don’t know how to move forward? Are you feeling betrayed and
powerless, numbed by pain and suffering from the betrayal by a loved one or friend, or the devastation of
infidelity? Are you emotionally alone and helpless, not sure what to do because your heart is broken? Have you
betrayed or deceived someone you care about and want forgiveness? Do you need to forgive yourself for acts
intentional or un-intending that have created grief or hurt? Have you granted others permission to treat you in
ways that are detrimental to your well-being?  

If you have a genuine desire to forgive or be forgiven, this workshop is an intensive and interactive process taking
you on the path of manifesting unconditional forgiveness. Manifesting: creating that which is desired from the
energy of the mind; Unconditional Forgiveness: giving yourself the gift of freedom from the past, living in
allowance, and released from emotional bondage. By experiencing the power of walking in dignity and changing
attitudes, you will be capable of moving through hurt, pain, humiliation, anger, and bitterness to a new level of
compassion, awareness and healing through forgiveness of self and others.

In this class you will learn tools for enacting permanent change and embracing forgiveness, a practical process for
taking back control of your life and connecting with your spirit to realize your highest self, including:  

•        Facilitating forgiveness practices through guided imagery, breathing and meditation
•        Exercises for letting go of painful emotional bondage and fear
•        Defining intentions to forgive yourself as well as extend forgiveness to others
•        Identifying when to set boundaries and how to maintain them
•        Incorporating music and color as healing mechanisms
•        Creating a tangible symbol of forgiveness and personal power
•        Processes for harnessing your "Particles of Power" and voyaging to your spirit within
•        Developing a non-judgmental support structure of compassion and understanding
•        Learning to step back from the chaos and apply logical thought processes
•        Techniques to become a Surthriver™: a person who does not just survive but learns to thrive!
•        Workbook outlining the information, reinforcing methods for incorporating them into daily life

Through an ardent desire to forgive, relationships can endure and survive adversity, grow from lessons learned,
build a stronger commitment, and thrive amidst unconditional love. This workshop equips you with the skill to
recall and remember those painful emotions and feelings of hurt and betrayal without succumbing to being
controlled by them. The bridge of forgiveness will develop your confidence and strength to migrate from
compelling pain and evolve to a state of harmony!

Drinda Pennini has worked with individuals, couples, and groups teaching forgiveness and manifesting change
for over 30 years; she is the founder of Manifesting Power, an organization dedicated to teaching the
possibilities achievable through manifestation, and a Universal Life minister. Based on her work with so many
individuals struggling with forgiveness issues, and her own painful personal experiences, Drinda's spiritual work
is focused on the power of living in forgiveness. She developed the
Progressions of Unconditional Forgiveness©,
teaching that we can forgive and be forgiven for any acts intentional or unintended affecting another human
being. In the act of forgiveness we are reborn with purity of heart, free from the pain of yesterday, walking in a
state of grace.